Dream Wedding World’s Color Theme for Winter 2013-2014 Midnight Blue

 Dream Wedding World’s Color Theme for Winter 2013-2014 Midnight Blue

Dream Wedding Color Prediction for Winter 2013-2014

Dream Wedding Color Prediction for Winter 2013-2014 Dark Blues

Midnight Blue / Cobalt / Navy / Royal Blue Winter 2013-2014
Wedding Color Theme Inspiration
Dream Wedding World Prediction for 2013-2014  wedding color inspiration and discovering your right color combinations for your special day. The color inspiration you choose for your wedding sets the mood for the entire occasion. Let our creative ideas for wedding color combinations get you started planning the first day of the rest of your life.

Midnight Blue, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, Navy Blue with White or Ivory and accents of a preferred color such as Silver, Gold or Copper. Secondary color preferred by the bride which might be a more feminine touch to the darker blue, Raspberry, Fuchsia Pink, or even Yellow for a cheerful approach. This color theme is a newer inspiration to the Peacock theme that has been so popular for years. Also another new idea is the use of Hues, which are same colors done in a blending of the same color from dark to light.
Looking for the hottest new trend in wedding colors? For a sophisticated and gorgeous event, these colors will ensure that your day is unforgettable. If blue is your color of choice, check out our ideas for a wedding in blue. From the table settings to the bouquet, find out how to unify your wedding colors for a classic and cohesive theme.Blue is a grounding color, inspiring collected thoughts and evoking confidence. Cobalt is a beautiful vibrant color, so wear it as an alternative to basic black in a pant, blazer, shoe, or handbag. A gorgeous update to the “Little Black Dress” as well. Contrast it with white in a top or shirt for a clean, crisp look. Keep your cool in cobalt blue.

Pretty combinations of bright and soft hues are beautiful and fun. Choose bold wedding statements to add flair to your wedding ceremony, or opt for a natural color, such as a Blue wedding color scheme. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with Blue since it is a major part of nature, the sky, the ocean and natural fruits and flowers are in the Blue family. Find ideas here for a Royal wedding color scheme.
Royal blue  is an elegant and beautiful color that is vibrant and famed for its royal color effect like the gold, red, and purple color. It has the color of a sapphire stone, Princess Diana’s ring, for example.

Royal Blue Theme Color

The Royal blue theme color has many varieties. This theme has no exact style that makes it purely formal or informal in anyway. This color can be applied to many types of themes, so there could be many sub themes under it. The royal blue wedding color is not only merely of one color, it can also be combined with white, silver gray, gold, light blue, aqua blue, electric blue, teal, blue green, dark blue, indigo, and dark purple. If you have a second favorite color usually it will blend like nature, maybe Raspberry?
Our Prediction for Winter 2013-2014’s Winter Theme is Midnight Blue, Navy or Royal Blue. It is an elegant and gorgeous color.
The concept of royalty started in ancient times. The availability of the royal blue color originated in royal households depended on its value and price. Since the ancient times, dyeing of clothes are very common but not in every color shade. The colors gold, red, purple, and dark blue are the rarest color dyes and are considered expensive. Royal blue and Purple got its name from the ancient times when that shade blue became the favorite of royal members.

Mens Wear Midnight Blue

Mens Wear Midnight Blue

Midnight blue: Menswear’s new black

Dark blue is the new black according to Runway Fashion Shows this year. Forgive the overused cliche, but the truth is it applies: dark blue, for men, really is the new black. When it comes to buying his outerwear for the fall / winter season, look not to true black but to midnight blues, so dark you have to look twice before getting lost in their depths. Read on for the full report on how to wear blue-blacks and blue-on-black in 2013 according to This winter we get to change all that, we get to do away with black, develop a panache for deep blues and utter ever so quietly that, for men, blue is the new black.

Dior haute couture midnight blue

Dior Haute Couture Midnight Blue 2013

So what does Midnight Blue look like as 2013 looms on the horizon?

Its a shade of blue so dark that it’s called midnight blue. Or put another way, it’s the color wheel equivalent of androgyny: it’s a color that sits ambiguously somewhere between black and blue. We’ve all been there, asking of our shopping companions “do you think this is blue or black?”. That’s the shade of blue, men should be wearing during autumn / winter , 2013-2014.

How to Organize a Blue Bridal Theme?

Make sure the decorations match the theme, as well as the accessories. The use of flowers for the wedding is also important. There are many types of flowers in darker blue colors, but light blue and integrations of purple flowers will do. Using blue ribbons will counteract the flowers’ different color shade.Choose the main color blue and match it as best you can on the main focus pieces such as the Dresses and Suits, the lighting and table settings. The royal blue Wedding Invitations are so beautiful, see some of our examples.

Blue Wedding Cake

Blue Wedding Cake Theme

The Winter  Blue Wedding 2013-2014

There is no wonder why there are brides who would prefer a winter wedding even if the climate is cold. The concept of a white Christmas or New Years is such a festive time, even though it happens only once a year but it is memorable to everyone.

The winter wonderland unlike other types of wedding dresses are usually made of thicker fabrics and sometimes accented with coats and fur. The dress has multipurpose, a dress and a winter coat at the same time. The winter dress is designed and styled in intricate patterns and heavier fabrics for the bride to be the center of attention. The wedding guests also wear thicker clothing that are styled and designed in a more sophisticated and  fashionable way. The wedding bridal dress is mostly White or Ivory, though Blues and Greens are also great colors for a winter bride who wants an alternative to traditional white or ivory. The white bridal dress creates a mystical fairytale effect because of the thicker layered fabrics and fuller skirt. The winter wonderland wedding colors are based on the Christmas/ New Year themes in gold, silver, with white/ivory. Other colors like bronze, purple, red, black and white, dark blues are the new black, and browns are also used to bring out more color and style to the decorations. The other similar term for a winter wedding is a Christmas wedding, but there are situations wherein a Winter Wedding has no Holiday Theme and can be held without the presence of snow in tropical places.

Wedding Theme BLUE

Wedding Theme BLUE


Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers




Thakoon’s Starry Midnight Blue Eye Makeup

Blue is a color associated with sweeping skies and crystal clear waters which is probably why one of the biggest make up trends for 2013 is Blue. The look she created features striking starry midnight blue eyes that transcend the seasons. The striking looks brought about by blue eye makeup have created such statements that we can be sure the trend will go on until the Fall/Winter  season and Designer:Thakoon took note of this.

Ellen Rose for Dream Wedding World


smokeyblue eyes

Smokeyblue Eyes